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Робин из Шервуда: Информация о сериале

Робин Гуд 2006

История Средних веков


Музыка и кино


Джордж Мартин, "Песнь Льда и Огня"

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Robin of Sherwood

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Hello, Andromeda!
Nice to see you here!  :drinks:



Hello, Bobby!
Nice to see you, too, again!  :bye:



Big Hello here too!!!

Good to have an english RoS thread now!!! Thanks!

I m a bit excited now coz we just installed a new satellite dish on our roof with which we are now able to watch all the important british channels like BBC and ITV. And as you might know ITV is showing the RoS atm (unfortunately the Jason Connery episodes :( ) and today was the day that I finally was able to watch an episodes after not seeing this series  for over 20 years! *jumps around*

Well what can I say: It was quite entertaining though I could not warm to JC performance of RH. Sorry to say this but he played the role like a piece of wood.... very dissapointing... BUT this was all forgotten as soon as GoG and the sheriff came in sight!!! I liked them really very much! :clapping:

Can t wait for next sunday to come and bring the next episode! :D



Greetings again!

Jason  is  not  Robin. He is impostor. Episodes with him  is film about a gang. About attempt enter again in the same river. We discussed it much.
The sheriff and sir  Guy rescue unsuccessful episodes, but not all time it is possible to them.
In this part of a serial they stars, accents are displaced.



ghostinthefog congratulations with this satellite installation. it must be a tremendous exitement
as for watching RoS the 3d season, i really couldnt post a comment cause i havent watched this season especially because of Jason. I think you just put it right - his "wooden" play doesnt make me want to see the series. For me the RoS movie is over with the death of Robin Hood at the end of the 2d season.
I don't think that i miss something if i don't watch the 3d season. I'm only a little bit sad that i can't watch Robin's team in action again but i'm so disapointed with the impression of Jason that i can't make myself watching the 3d season :(
Do you know whether ITV are going to show the first 2 seasons?
I think Bobby is right - these series are worthwhile watching because of the Sheriff and Sir Guy. They were always great and now they obviously must make the play



I got my RoS-DVD this weekend!  [реклама вместо картинки] And I altready had the chance to watch the first two episodes for the first time in 20 years!

I still like the series very much! Ok, technically it's not quite up to date, but then it IS 20 years old! But that didn't matter at all.

I still have a crush on Michael Praed!  :blush2: I liked his Robin more than Jonas Armstrong (but to be fair, I only have the trailer to judge!). Robert Addie's GoG hadn't much screentime. Maybe that's the reason why I'm not as enraptured with him as you are. But I liked his voice - I was amazed how deep it was! And I liked the Sheriff! He was a real baddie!  ;)

The German DVD is the uncut version of the series with subtitles under the formerly cut parts. I was really shocked to see how much of it was cut when it was originally broadcasted in Germany!!!  :O Almost all scenes with Herne were at least partially cut and many actions scenes shortened! :O

I'm really looking forward to see the rest of the DVD now!



:yahoo:   Nice to see you back, Andromeda

It is very  pity  you have not shown Herne.   
I am very glad you still love Michael. He is the best  Robin! Nobody can be compared to him.  :heart:
Sir Guy is not present at the first series almost and it is difficult to estimate him. :( The sheriff is true villain who is pleasant for hating.   :heart:



We share your feelings. It's really splendid! Some of us have watched "ROS" for the first time in the same 20 years.



me too i think Michael Praed is the best Robin ever. he really makes the play
i think the movie passed the test of time and is still thrilling and beautiful. i've never seen something that reached the same level in terms of the main character play, the team and the script.
how was it for your Andromeda with watching this movie 20 years later? me too i watched it with the same break and you can't imagine how fascinated i was. i thought i would only be thrilled to see the beloved movie of my childhood and i saw the magical world that hit me right into my heart to stay forever. the scene of Robin and Marian's first meeting is a gem, isnt it? i've never seen anything more romantic than this in movies  :give_rose:



Cathy написал(а):

how was it for your Andromeda with watching this movie 20 years later?

Piece of childhood pie, I think.



There was a very nice picture of Michael in the accompanying booklet:
[реклама вместо картинки]

Re-watching it after such a long time was great! And no, not just a piece of childhood pie (I wasn't that young back then...  :blush2: ). But it really had it's own magic still, not like some other films I've seen after long years and was a bit disappointed with them now. If I would have seen the films for the first time now, I still would have liked them. I think they're really a piece of good television!

The first meeting of Robin and Marian really is romantic (but the place for the most romantic movie scene ever is still occupied with the train station scene from North & South!).

Oh, and the mystery about those "deleted scenes" seems to have cleared up. From what I read (I haven't seen them yet) they're deleted scenes from the documentary and are mostly things like "Michael is getting directions from the director" or "the actors warming up" or things like that.



Andromeda написал(а):

Oh, and the mystery about those "deleted scenes" seems to have cleared up. From what I read (I haven't seen them yet) they're deleted scenes from the documentary and are mostly things like "Michael is getting directions from the director" or "the actors warming up" or things like that.

wow it seems i haven't seen it   :O



Hi, Andromeda!

I always was afraid to reconsider films which liked in the childhood. I was afraid of disappointment and didn't want disappointment. Unfortunately, it is a lot of books and films have not passed the examinations of time.
But this serial - exception. It is full of magic and positive energy, it still finds the response in soul.
It not only a meeting with the childhood. It is a meeting with myself.



Andromeda написал(а):

(but the place for the most romantic movie scene ever is still occupied with the train station scene from North & South!).

Is it???

Back to topic:

I loooove Robert Addies voice. I have to say it was a surprise to me that it is so deep!!!  :O

I watched one of those JC episodes last weekend and was so vexed!!! :threaten:  There finally was a fighting scene between Robin and Guy and they cut it so short you got no idea at all why the bloody Robin got out of it as the winner.... *grmpf* ..... I WANT TO SEE A PROPER SWORD FIGHT AT ONCE!!!  :paladin:



ghostinthefog написал(а):

I loooove Robert Addies voice


I have been pleasantly surprised, when have heard Robert's voice. During the first moment it is difficult to get used, because his appearance does not meet to a voice.  :paladin:

About what fight you speak? What episode? In a serial it is a lot of fights, and everyone is won by  Robin.  :elf:
I would like to see the main villain cleverer. The sheriff and sir  Guy are supplement each other superb . I repeat, I don't think, that someone can make better.  :heart:



Yesterday I watched the third episode "The Witch of Elsdon". Ghost, there was a really nice swordfight between Robin (in GoG's outfit with the cape) and the sheriff! [реклама вместо картинки]Looked a bit like the classic fight in Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. I liked Robin in the chainmail and the blue cape - he would have made a great GoG, too! [реклама вместо картинки]
Oh, and I did find the little quarrel between Robin and Marian so amusing, I nearly did burst with laughter!



Lady Marion  is the wood feminist.  :yahoo:
Fight between  Robin and the sheriff is  impresses. In bonuses we can  see the sheriff kisses  Robin.  :O
In this series all of us love a stage of tortures of the captivated Guy. We call it " Guy's Bathing "  :rofl:



"Guy's Bathing"? I like that! :lol: Great scene! But I was wondering why they did build such an elaborate construction for it - it would have been enough just to hold him under the water by hand!  :dirol: Could it be the guys were just a bit bored in the woods and playing around a bit? :lol:



Robin and his friends were inventors and experimenters. They have thought up this complex design, but did not know, how it to check up. We were present at historical experiment.  :rofl:



milka написал(а):

We call it " Guy's Bathing "

These spiteful rascally guys think only  to scoff  poor sir  Guy.  :threaten:  ;)



milka написал(а):

About what fight you speak? What episode? In a serial it is a lot of fights, and everyone is won by  Robin.

I watched the ep. with this woman (witch) who lives in the wood with her pigs. And Robins uncle forced her to sign a confession that she is a witch.

Anyway, near to the end Robin is standing on the wall and Guy is sneaking onto him and tries to take away his bow. Then they jostle a bit and in the next scene you see Robin in the wood again and you get the feeling you lost it somewhere  :/

I know that Robin is meant to win every fight but it would be much better if they would have made this fight more convincing so that you can actually see that Robin is much more clever and a better fighter than Guy ....

My personal favorite fight scene (to date) is a) the final fight between Basil Rathboone and Errol Flynn and b) the final fight between Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman (ooooh, another hot baddie in black leather!!!  :D )



You speak about a series from the third season.  Ruterkin. We  discuss it  now in Russian.
In my opinion you looked the reduced variant. Because in the original  Guy takes away the   Robins arrow, but  Robin suffices  Guy for hands and beats to face. Guy falls, and  Robin is rescueed.
It is completely unreal. Guy is stronger also more dexterous. Only the script could force to win the Robin this stage.  :)



milka написал(а):

Only the script could force to win the Robin this stage.


I saw Guy taking away Robins arrow and Robins ridicilous beating into Guys face (?)  but noone can tell me a guy like this Robin bloke can knock out a big tall man like Guy!!! NO WAY! Very unconvincing indeed  :threaten:

So I will watch the next ep. this sunday and hope to see a proper fight!  :clapping:



In the third season almost all fights are unreal.  Robin wins all fights, and the spectator has fun, because so cannot be. In a series " Power of Albion " it is visible very well , as far as  Guy surpasses  Robin physically. But  Robin has won  :drag:



I shall allow myself to notice, that  Robin in the third season has no right to be called as  Robin Hood. The actor is not able to play. Robert Hantington could not turn Robin Hood.
I completely agree, that fights are absolutely unreal. Absolute completely nonsense.  :threaten:
In real conditions sir Guy would kill Robert in the first fight.  :yes:  :paladin:
Use of a magic sword which we name " the Sword with batteries " humiliates the hero. Robin should win enemies himself, without magic swords, mirrors and drinks.  :big_boss:



The sword with batteries? :lol: :lol: That's great!!!



Andromeda написал(а):

The sword with batteries? :lol: :lol: That's great!!!

Yes, we are  like to have fun and think out ridiculous names.  :P  I'm glad, that it was pleasant to you.  :yes: The wooden hero has the Electronic sword with batteries   :D



Bobby написал(а):

The wooden hero has the Electronic sword with batteries

Hahahaha!!! Priceless!!!



:) He is really wooden. The wooden hero can nothing without a magic sword. Sir  Guy has only a usual sword and own force. Who worthy respect?  :rolleyes:



I just saw another episode yesterday. It was Part 1 of the two episodes with these strange wolves people.

The best thing about it was that it had Richard O Brien playing in it (I am a huuuge fan ;) )!!! (though I can t remember the name of the character he played; he was the leader of these wolvish people...)

Unfortunately the second part will be aired not until in two weeks time and I just can t wait any longer. I want to know how it ll continue NOW!!! :paladin: